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I just finished watching the AP Style Video Bootcamp video and it helped me so much! I have actually been really confused about how the AP Stylebook is organized so by going through and flagging the certain areas really helped me learn a lot! The five parts that were reviewed plus the punctuation section showed me that I still have much to learn about writing in the AP style, but I tend to learn more easily when I have an organized guide in front of me, so I feel that through using the stylebook, I will be able to pick it up faster.
Shelley Martin
PRCA 3330

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  • Topic of the Week 1 – Social Media Lauren Stevens
  • February 3, 2010
  • Hey Lauren! I loved this blog! I completely agree that even though it is sad that our face-to-face time is less and less because of social networking, it is so nice to be able to keep in touch with people who you normally wouldn’t via facebook or twitter. I personally have not gotten into any other social networking site other than Facebook, but maybe I will try Twitter soon, who knows! I used to have a MySpace but it was way too much to update Facebook and MySpace at the same time!! Your whole page is so cute and very creative! Keep up the blogging!!

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  • Grammar Girl – Michelle Vegliante
  • February 3, 2010
  • Hey Michelle! I really enjoyed reading your blog, I read the same Grammar Girl section about Who Versus Whom and it was so interesting! I have always been confused about whether to use whom or who in a sentence and so I would always end up just guessing on it! The quick and dirty trick is such a good tip to remember and I would also like to learn more little tricks for writing! I hate that we do not have an actual class together this semester but I hope your semester is going great! Your page is awesome…keep up the blogging!!

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  • week 5 Super Bowl ads – Sharita Wilkinson
  • February 19, 2010
  • Sharita, the Snickers commercial with Betty White was my favorite too! I think it was too funny and genius to use Betty White in a football, of all things, commercial! I did not really watch the Super Bowl (not a huge football fan) but the commercials seem to be pretty cool. The Doritos commercial was also extremely cute! I completely agree that the commercials did not seem as “good” as the ones last year, but I guess that is the way that it goes! Your blog looks so good, keep it up! see you soon in Veazy!

Shelley Martin

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  • My Week of Twitter : Jessica Dudley:
  • February 24, 2010
  • Jessica,
    I loved reading your blog! You are very good at adding so much personality to your blogs! I felt the same way about this twitter assignment, I was very unsure at first but I feel more computer “savvy” now that I have done it. But it caught my attention when you said that you had trouble with not posting the whole URL because I have yet to figure out how to shorten it down. Oh well, I guess that it all part of the learning process! I hope you have a great week! Keep up the blogging!
    Shelley Martin

Comment #7

  • Week 3 : Lauren O’Sullivan :
  • February 24, 2010
  • Lauren,
    Your blog is so cute! I could not agree with your post more. I think that people try to put too much “fluff” in their comments, and “fluff” does not really help anyone improve their blogging skills. I personally would rather people be completely honest about what they thought about my blogs rather than just simply sugar coating everything! You know, I think that this class will also help out with our News Reporting and Writing class as well, just because we are getting in the habit of writing a lot! I hope your having a great week! Keep up the blogging!
    Shelley Martin

Comment #8

  • People’s Revolution Takes Reality TV – Haley Barnes –
  • March 8, 2010
  • Haley-
    I have been trying to keep up with this show since it has started! I love Kelly Cutrone (I thought she was scary at first, but now I just love her dry sense of humor!) and of course, the show has to involve a lot of unneeded drama to get air time, but it does not bother me as much as the drama on the new E! show SPINdustry. I first found out about People’s Revolution while watching The Hills, like you said, and I liked it only because Lauren Conrad was working there, but now that Kell on Earth has started it has allowed me to see the business instead of only the star working there. See you in News Reporting!
    –Shelley Martin

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  • A Week of Twitter – T.O.W. 7 — Kristina Bundy —
  • March 14, 2010
  • Kristina –
    I think that I felt sort of like you did before starting a Twitter account. I was so apprehensive because, like you said, I am a pretty private person too, so I did not feel like informing people about my every move. But then I found that it was a lot more than that, for example, the breaking news or the informing topics posted by the PR professionals that I was following. I am still trying to get used to everything about it, I am not good with technology at all! But I am trying, and that is what counts, right? Keep up the good blogging!
    -Shelley Martin

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  • PR Connection #3 — Lauren Stevens —
  • April 8, 2010
  • Hey Lauren!
    I absolutely love Sandra Bullock, and so when I saw that you wrote a blog about her, I just HAD to comment! I think that through all of the “award” shows she was such a good sport and played along, but then she was stunning when she won the Oscar! But now, with all of the other drama going on with Jesse James, I feel like it has taken away from her award and has shown her in a negative light. Of course, she is still being very classy in my opinion and I hope all of this goes away for her sake! Great blog!
    Shelley Martin

Comment #12

  • Hey Lauren! I felt the same way about the Twitter experience at first, but it was kind of neat to make an account and all of that stuff! I had a really hard time finding a user name that wasn’t already taken too! Maybe it is because there are so many people on it? I’m just guessing. It was weird for me too to see people who were “following” me, but I eventually got used to it and found some people to follow myself. My favorite person to follow is Lauren Conrad, haha, I just love her! Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog! See you in class tomorrow!! Shelley Martin

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