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Ch. 1 Key Points

When I was preparing to read Chapter One from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox, I was already assuming that it would be the same chapter one that you read at the beginning of any PR class or communications class. It surprised me a little bit though.

  • I liked that at the very beginning of the chapter, it said that writing is only one component of PR writing. There are also other steps in the process like research, action, communication, and evaluation. This acronym, “R.A.C.E.”, is something that I like to keep in mind when I look at a PR campaign or when I am taking place in a campaign.
  • Another aspect that I liked in this chapter was that unlike journalism, a public relations professionals purpose is advocacy, not objectivity. This is one reason I prefer public relations because I have a hard time keeping my opinion to myself sometimes!
  • This chapter really reviewed a lot of information from analyzing your audience to decide what channels to use for communication, how to take the best approach for research depending on your campaign, and the importance of professional PR publications.
  • Probably my favorite part of this chapter was the part that reviewed several guidelines to writing. A challenge that I face is not outlining my thoughts before I write, but that was discussed that it is CRUCIAL to get your thoughts together before you try to write anything for anybody!

I feel like a lot of the information in chapter 1 refreshed my memory of the information that I have learned in intro to PR, and I think that is very helpful to get started in this course! …this is the link to our textbook!


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