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Ch. 2 Key Points

I really enjoyed chapter 2 from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox. I am minoring in Communication Studies and I feel like persuasion is such an important part of communicating with one another, especially in PR when a company or product is being represented.

A few points that I found interesting:

  • Even though the basics of communication (sender, message, channel, and receiver) are drilled into our brains, this book put a new perspective on it from a PR professional point of view. I really feel like I learned from thinking about it in a different way.
  • There are many theories of communication discussed, but I think that my favorite would have to be cognitive dissonance. I feel like this theory is a challenge to PR professionals, because it says that people are not going to just believe anyone, especially if it is not in sync with their predispositions. Now, because of that, it is the PR professional’s job to introduce information to the public that will cause them to question their own predispositions.
  • In chapter 2, there were many factors of persuasion introduced. One that stood out to me was appealing to self interest, because we as “humans” want to know “how will this help ME?” I think that this factor is a huge part of convincing others. Because of this, I think the message should be clear and direct so that the consumer can know why he or she should buy your product.

Chapter two was interesting to read, since I do like the art of persuasion. … this is the link to our textbook!


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