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Ch. 3 – Key Points

So on this wonderful day that we call “monday”, I decided to go ahead and be productive school-wise. So I read chapter 3 of Dennis L. Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, and I must say that it was very interesting to me. The chapter was based on how to avoid legal hassles when doing day-to-day activities that PR professionals do. I think that this chapter is EXTREMELY important, because who wants to gets sued when you are in a professional career? Not me. So this chapter opened my eyes and I really think that I will be looking back on it frequently so that I do not do something wrong on accident.

A few interesting thoughts….

  • When dealing with defamation, the key phrase is to simply “watch your language”.
  • When the media asks about employees in your company, you can only tell them that yes, he/she is an employee, the person’s title and job description, and and the date of beginning and ending employment. Nothing else. I think these three requirements are easy to remember so there should be no way to mess up in this area.
  • I thought it was interesting that in the U.S. the original material is protected throughout the life of the creator PLUS seventy years.
  • I had no idea that even cartoons can be libelous. I just thought that was a neat thing to know.
  • My last key point was that I did not know how many different areas that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) oversees like advertising, product news releases, and other forms of product publicity.

That is all for chapter 3!! 🙂

this is the link to the textbook ….


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  1. * Jessica says:

    Hey Shelley! I must say I really do wish I had your enthusiasm about chapter three. I thought it was so boring and slow to read. All those legal facts and procedures…ugh. I dont know if I will ever have to use the things listed in chapter three, but I sure hope I dont have to.
    Chapter three also reminds me of last semester’s intro to pr class I had with you. I remember going over this information with Mrs. Groover. I think she made it a little more interesting than Mr . Wilcox.
    I guess I will see you tomorrow in Communication and Conflict class at 2!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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