Simply Shelley

Ch. 4 Key Points

I really enjoyed chapter 4 because it made me start to think about the kind of action that should be taken when dealing with a client. It is so weird to think that within a year, I will be trying to find a real client to do this with. But I kind of have a feeling that all of us, as PR majors, are thinking the same way about that, so that makes me feel better.

I liked that the chapter began with some obstacles to generating coverage in the news media like…

  1. media gatekeepers
  2. incredibly shrinking news hole
  3. the reality that the traditional mass media is now fragmented and it is no longer possible to reach the larger public through a single media
  4. information overload

In our chapter, it also pointed out eight key points about making news. These eight are timeliness, prominence, proximity, significance, unusualness, human interest, conflict, and newness. These are all important factors when it comes to making news for your client.

There was also a lesson on how to create news. These consisted of first and for most, brainstorming, then special events, contests, polls & surveys, Top 10 Lists, product demonstrations, stunts, rallies & protests, personal appearances, and awards. These were all great ways to get started thinking about how to make our client happy by getting them in the news.

I am glad that I had to read this chapter and I am looking forward to reading about writing a news release in chapter 5! Here is the link to our text book…


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