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PR Connection #2

Since today is the day that Tiger Woods made his “statement” to the public, I thought that this topic would be appropriate. When I was reading this article about how Woods should handle his PR crisis, I could have not agreed more with the author of this article! First and for most, he says that Tiger should have been completely out and open with the public. I do agree that when most people come out and admit their “transgressions” people always seem more likely to forgive and forget. In this situation, Woods did not speak to the public at all and it caused a media frenzy being on the night of Thanksgiving 2009 and is still going on today (Friday, February 19, 2010). I honestly find it all amazing and outrageous. And I would really like to know what Wood’s PR people had in mind when they wanted him to wait so long to address the public.

After watching Wood’s statement today that aired on, like really every news channel out there, I do think that he said the right things and addressed the topics that needed addressing.He seemed extremely apologetic and genuine. I am not saying that I am picking sides in this battle, but I guess that it is better late than never when it comes to Tiger apologizing.

Isn’t it funny how involved we get in celebrity’s lives? I guess that is where the prominence factor comes in to making a story newsworthy. Anyone have any thoughts?

here is the link to the article…,205542


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