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Snickers for Everyone!!

I think that I would have to say that my favorite commercial during the Super Bowl was the Snickers commercial with Betty White in it. How cute is she?! I love to watch her, she has such personality especially for an older actress. She seems to fit right in with the young and upcoming actresses. Not to mention, her Lifetime Achievement Award speech at the SAG Awards was just so simple and perfect. So not only am I a fan of Betty White, but I am also a HUGE fan of Snickers. What can I say, they are one of my biggest weakness (especially the ice cream snickers), but we need to stop talking about that before I get hungry!

I was impressed by this commercial because of how it was not only targeted at young, male football players. Even though that was the main target of the commercial, I do not think it was the only one though. It shows that even “older” people like snickers and need one every now and then! But then it does not only show young football players and “older” people, it also shows a young woman, so therefore young women can have Snickers too!

So in my opinion, I think that this commercial really is targeted for the majority of people. Young, old, men, women. So what does this tell us?When you are hungry or need a “pick me up”, grab a Snicker!

here is the commercial for you on youtube…


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  1. * sarahgricius says:

    I can definitely agree with your obsession of snickers, whenever I get a chocolate craving I will usually drive to the gas station to grab a snickers. I liked how you realized that they targeted all generations young to old. I would recognize that another point of view that they were trying to approach was that if you are of the older generation and have a snickers, you might feel young once again just like when you were young and were playing football with the boys. Snickers has more commercials now that replace the “average” person with a celebrity. One of my favorites is called Road Trip. The average guy in the back is played by Aretha Franklin. The people in the car say that he always acts like a diva when he is hungry so they give him a snicker’s to bring him back to reality. And it ends with the classic line, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” I think these are great commercials and I felt Snicker’s did great advertising for there company while adding in a sense of humor.
    -Sarah Gricius

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