Simply Shelley

TOW week 6

So the topic of this blog is “what makes a story newsworthy?” I think that there are many different factors that are involved in making a story important to the people who are reading it. Some factors that make a story newsworthy to me are proximity, timeliness, prominence, significance/impact, and unusualness.

  • Proximity – If I am going to read an article, I am going to want to know how close whatever it is that I am reading is to me. I think proximity is so important because people are not going to want to read about news that is not relevant to their own city. For example, my hometown newspaper would give news from other parts of Georgia and people would always complain that they did not care about those things.
  • Timeliness – If an event or accident happens, I believe that the story should be written about it within a day or two. If too much time goes by, then it will not really be relevant to the reader.
  • Prominence – People love reading about famous people, look at all of the tabloids. It makes sense because readers like it.
  • Significance/Impact – When I start to read a story, I usually start thinking, “what am I going to get out of this story?” If the answer is nothing, I do not keep reading.
  • Unusualness – Readers do not want to always hear about the same old stuff, so when you can tell them about a rare occurrence, that’s awesome!

That is all for now! I hope it’s helpful!


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