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Ch. 5 Key Points

After reading Chapter 5 in Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th ed), I realized that in my opinion this was the most interesting chapter that I have read this far. I think that it was so interesting because news releases are a big part of what we, as s”oon to be” PR practitioners, do. I have talked before in my blog about being a very organized person and I think that is one reason why I did appreciate this chapter. It sets out a clear image of what your news release should look like and what you should and should not do. Here are a few facts from this chapter that I thought were important to know as “soon to be” PR professionals.

  • Between 55 and 97 percent of all news releases sent to media outlets are never used! This shocked me and it shows how competitive this business can be.
  • When writing a news release, you should think about the benefits and rewards that the reader will get. I thought this was neat because its not all about your client or company, it is about who is reading it as well.
  • Fax or regular mail – double spaced, via email or internet – single spaced. This is a neat little fact that is so minor but it probably does make a big difference.
  • Even though this chapter talks about using -30- or -###- at the end of your news release, I would still love to know where that came from. It is really random but I feel like it is unique to the “PR world”.

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