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ch. 6 key points

So… I know that we are going to need to know everything for chapter six from Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, but I honestly had a hard time making it through the whole thing. The focus of this chapter was preparing the publicity tool kit. It involved fact sheets, media advisories, media kits, and pitching a story. So here are a few facts that I took away from the chapter.

  • Even though I am a PR major, I am just starting out so I did not know what all of these things really were. A fact sheet are one page background sheets about an event, product, or an organization. A media kit or otherwise known as a press kit, contains news releases, fact sheets, and photos. A media advisory or media alert is used to let assignment editors know about a newsworthy event.
  • A good pitch has three phases that are researching the publication or broadcast show, writing the email or letter and making the calls, and following up.
  • There are three rules of pitching: brevity (less than a page or a screen), sharpness (clean sentences, correct spelling), and it should have an enticing lead!!
  • A pitch should raise curiosity RIGHT AWAY! Don’t be boring!!
  • You are not asking a favor when giving a pitch, you are offering good, newsworthy material that is directed to a decision maker.

I hope this sort of outlines the chapter for you, chapter seven will be coming soon!!

here is the link to the textbook …


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