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PR Connection #4

So, I was trying to think of something that I had heard about going on in the PR world, and I thought about the television show “Kell on Earth” that comes on Bravo and premiered on February 1, 2010. “Kell on Earth” is all about public relations guru Kelly Cutrone and her PR company, People’s Revolution. A fact that I learned while doing some research was that Cutrone has written a book “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside” along with running her extremely successful business. I first heard about People’s Revolution while I was watching The Hills on MTV and Lauren Conrad was working there and Kelly Cutrone was seen as the “mean boss who didn’t put up with any crap”. To be honest, at first I did not like Kelly at all. She seemed inconsiderate towards her employees but now that the spotlight has been on the actual company, you can see that she was only caring about Lauren and the other employees and that she just has a very cut and dry personality.

Of course, the show has to add some drama to keep viewers watching it throughout the season. Every single possible thing that could cause problems, does. But I guess that is what keeps people watching, right? With Kelly’s crazy life of planning fashion shows in the United States and in London and other countries, you would think that she would have no time for any personal life. ACTUALLY, she is a single mom to a girl! I thought that was so neat and it adds a softer side to this all-business woman.


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  1. * Chris Yates says:

    Yeah, everybody’s watching this show for one class or the other this semester. I think it’s important for someone studying PR to be familiar with the way pop culture portrays the practice. Since we are being trained to deal with different publics and their various perceptions (including their perceptions of us), Kell on Earth seems like a fairly relevant show to watch. There’s a few things I’ve spotted, like how certain sterotypes of PR and fashion professionals are used. You can also see how some of the communication theories are applied in the show, especially conflict resolution and contingency theory.

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