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PROpenMic — TOW 9 & 10

PROpenMic is a pretty cool website that our professor asked us to sign up and check out as PR students. This website has anything and everything imaginable for a PR student or professional. There are blogs, forums, videos, pictures, groups, events, opportunities for jobs and internships, and many more things to look at and learn from.

I particularly enjoyed reading a few of the blogs. My favorite blog with a very innovative idea was called ‘Panama City Beach Confused by Publics’ by Emily Hunter. Here is the link to this blog :

Since I am a college student who will be doing the whole “job search thing” in less than a year, I thought it was really cool that people could post job and intern openings right on PROpenMic. Even though I am not looking for a job at the moment, it was cool to be able to look through this list. Here is the link to the Jobs/Internship page :

Even though this might sound like a bad excuse, I have a hard time trying to find a lot of news about PR issues and I normally resort to blogging about the latest television show that has some connection to PR. BUT, on PROpenMic there is a link under resources called PR News and it just has a huge list of news that has been going on in the PR world! This is awesome, I finally have more news to write about instead of solely television shows! Here is the link to the PR News site :

All in all, this site was really helpful and fun to check out. I think that I will really enjoy going back to PROpenMic to just see whats going on in the world of PR. I’m glad that we had to do this for class!

That’s all for now!!


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