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Is there such a thing as “bad PR”?

So once again, we see another story of infidelity in celebrity relationships. But in this case, the person of the most interest is not the most famous of the two. As I’m sure everyone has heard that Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s husband, has been rumored being with several mistresses over the last years, yes I said YEARS! I have heard some call it the “Tiger Woods Syndrome” but I think people have got to stop putting the blame on others and take the responsibility. But anyway, getting off of my soapbox now, I promise. My real question is that “even though Jesse James is getting all of this negative attention for being unfaithful to his wife, is there such thing as bad pr?” Jesse James has always been the least famous of the two and maybe he thought that it was his time to gain some of the spotlight. In my opinion, Sandra Bullock has always had a very funny, but classy reputation. But since Jesse’s name is out there so much right now, I wonder if he is really regretting it or not because now, for a change, he is in the spotlight, even after his wife has won an Oscar not too long ago for The Blind Side. As of now, Bullock is not making any comments to the public, which I think is a good idea because as far as we know, she has done nothing wrong so why should she have to say anything? In my opinion, I think that there is such a thing as Bad PR, but I know others have different opinions. I would love to hear other opinions about this topic!

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  1. I think this is a really timely and newsworthy post. I definitely agree that “bad PR” can be a good way to get a less popular celebrity into the spotlight. I am not sure if Jesse James is loving the spotlight right now or not, but I am sure that Sandra Bulloch is hating the whole situation. I think that the media will treat this the same way as the Tiger Woods case. Hopefully we will not have to hear a bogus apology from Jesse like we did Tiger. I honestly do not believe we will because Jesse does not have near as many fans nor any child fans to be concerned about what type of image he is putting forth for them.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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