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TOW 12 — For Immediate Release

For our topic of the week (TOW) for week 12 of our semester, we were supposed to listen to at least an hour of a PR/marketing podcast. I decided to listen to For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report. This podcast was downloaded on March 25, 2010 and the title of the blog that it falls under is The Hobson & Holtz Report — Podcast #537: March 25, 2010. This was a 68 minute podcast recorded live from West Hills, California. I had never personally listened to a podcast ever before, so this was interesting and a new way to hear news in PR.When I am chilling in my room, I usually play music, and I had never really thought that instead of listening to music I could put on a podcast and listen and actually lear something instead of hearing the same songs over and over and over.

This podcast was about several different types of social media and communication. The speaker spoke about a conference that he had just been to that was focused on social networking. In the world that we are living in now, isn’t social media so important? I think so. Even though I am not the best at it yet, I am learning through the different activities that we are doing in my PR Writing class. I already had Facebook and email, but I had to start a twitter account and a PR Open Mic account in the last few weeks and that has opened my eyes to what you really can do through the new technologies.

I think that podcasts are great for PR students and professionals as well because it gives news that you would not normally hear on a television news channel. I also think that this is great for discovering new, more creative ways of doing things in your company or organization.

Here is the link to the podcast that I listened to…


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  1. * michellev21 says:


    I also had never listened to a podcast before this assignment! As spooky as this sounds, I also had the same idea about listening to podcasts while I am just hanging out in my room verses listening to music.
    For me personally, listening to the podcasts were very eye-opening. I realized that there is a whole culture of blogging, podcasting, and videos that I need to become a part of. As budding PR professionals, we need to stay current on all social media and multimedia media trends. Its not enough that we just understand these trends, we must practice them on a daily basis, such as listening to podcasts regularly.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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