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Ch. 11 key points

This week’s chapter from Dennis Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition was all about how public relation professionals can better get along and work with journalists. Media relations is extremely important when working in our area and it is considered the number one job responsibility of public relations staff in a majority of companies. The past has taught us that journalists and public relations professionals have had a love/hate relationship. And no, this is not always the case, but it is a lot of the time. This is because they need each other but the trust level is not always where it should be to make the other feel comfortable. So in sum, the media needs PR people and PR people need the media. The areas of friction that go on include hype and news release spam, name calling, sloppy/biased reporting, tabloid journalism and advertising influence.

As a PR professional, you should consider some things when working with journalists:

  • the importance of media interviews
  • news conferences
  • teleconferences and webcasts
  • media tours
  • previews and parties

This was interesting to me that you need to review this media relations checklist to make sure you are in line…

  • know your media
  • limit your mailings
  • localize send newsworthy information
  • practice good writing
  • avoid gimmicks
  • be environmentally correct
  • be available
  • get back to reporters
  • answer your own phone
  • be truthful
  • answer questions
  • avoid off the cut remarks
  • protect exclusives
  • be fair
  • help photographers
  • explain
  • remember deadlines
  • praise good work
  • correct errors politely

Sorry for the long list, I thought that it was important to review again.

Here is the textbook link…


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