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PR Connection — Tiger Woods, again.

So, as we all know, Tiger Woods held a press conference on April 5, 2010 at 2 p.m. after he had arrived at the Masters golf tournament. This was his first live question & answer type of appearance that was televised live since all of the drama started in November 2009. I watched the entire thing, and you know, I learned that maybe it is the best thing to just admit that you were wrong and try to move on instead of constantly covering issues up. While I was watching this conference in my Communication and Conflict class, everyone’s opinions started changing right before me just because he simply admitted that he was wrong and said that he just wanted to get back to the game of golf. I believe that this statement made him more relateable to us because everyone has messed up, in one way or another, and have just wanted to get back to their “normal life” and Tiger Woods “normal life” is golf.

As I watched, I noticed that he was very open to most every question that was fired his way, except for when a reporter asked about his wife, Elin. He ended that topic very quickly. He was also very open in answering questions about him taking drugs and what kind of drugs he had taken in the past. He stated that he had “never taken any illegal drugs” but had been prescribed pain medicine and Ambien when his father died a few years ago. I thought that this live conference was much more genuine and he did not seem as nervous as he did in his first televised apology. Now, I know that you can never know who is really being genuine, but I have a feeling that he was.

Check out the video of the conference at this site…


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