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Ch. 12 key points

This week I read chapter 12 from Dennis L. Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition and it was all about tapping the web and new media. It talks about how important the internet is to the work done by PR professionals and how we could not do a lot of it without the internet because it is so easy to use and accessible. I mean if you really think about, we spend a ton of time on the internet. Between facebook, myspace,, twitter, blogging, technorati, youtube, flickr, wikipedia, digg, and second life, we have enough to take up our entire day, but that is a whole different story. I am getting off of my soap box, I promise.

So here are a few things that I learned from chapter 12:

  • New media is characterized by (1) widespread broadband, (2) cheap/free, easy to use online publishing tools, (3) new distribution channels, (4) mobile devices and, (5) new advertising paradigms.
  • The internet adds an interactive option that has not been offered before and it offers an unlimited amount of space!
  • When writing for the web, think about these things. (1) write the way you talk (2) limit each page to a single concept (3) use a lot of bullet point lists (4) make sure that each page provides the context readers need (5) limit the use of italics and boldface (6) don’t overuse hyperlinks within narrative text (7) make sure your hyperlinks are relevant (8) provide feedback options for readers.
  • You must have a VISION to create an effective website.

That is all for chapter 12, hope it was informative! Here is the link to our textbook…


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