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So I promise that this blog will be my last blog about Tiger Woods. I know that I have done quite a few, but it is just so relevant to what we are learning! I found this article on Alltop’s website under Top PR News. The title of this article was “Tiger Woods’ six big mistakes” and I could not agree more with all of them. The website to this article is I will go through each point that they made and say what I think about it.

  1. Deafening Silence — They were talking about how Tiger was completely silent for 4 months. My opinion, NOT GOOD! That just gives the public time to talk about you and start false rumors.
  2. Refusal to meet the police — The police tried to interview Tiger a couple of times and he would not let them in his house. Does this not have SHADY all over it? That just gives people the wrong image.
  3. Castigating the media — Before this scandal broke out, it was the media who made Tiger into the icon that he is, and then when things went south, he would not say a word to them. Understandable, but just does not make a lot of sense.
  4. Refusing to provide details about what happened that night — I do understand that you would not want the whole world knowing everything, but lack of information leads people to talk negatively everytime.
  5. March 21 interviews with Golf Channel and ESPN — Even though he was open to interviews, good idea, the “word” was that the questions might have been restricted because they were in no way hardball questions, so the fans did not hear what they wanted to.
  6. He should have played in another tournament before the Masters — I actually watched the Masters this year, Tiger placed fourth, which isn’t amazing and isn’t bad either. But I do agree that he would have taken some stress off of himself if he would have made a come back in a smaller, not so televised, tournament.

So now you have my final opinions about the situation!


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  1. Shelley,
    I love your PR connection about Tiger Woods. I completely agree with the 6 mistakes that Tiger had listed above. I think that if he had a better PR team he could have avoided some of the issues listed above. I agree that he should have come back to a smaller tournament than the Masters, just so that he could have gotten back into the swing of things with less press. I also find the fact that he had scripted questions for his March 21 interview and refused to talk to the police after his accident appalling. I doubt that I could get away with refusing to talk to the police after an accident on caused, even on my own property.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago
  2. * tlgraves says:

    Haha Shelly, It is okay, I have blogged about Tiger Woods as well. It’s so hard not to being as though he is all over the television, newspaper, magazines, radio, daily conversations and internet. I like this PR connections and I agree with the six mistakes that Tiger made. I also think that it was “shady” that he did not talk to the police, what was he hiding?
    I agree that it was a bad idea to wait months before discussing the matter. This did give people and the media time to draw their own conclusions and stir up rumors and false accusations.
    However, I do not think that it was a mistake for him to conceal the details of what actually happened that night between him and his wife. I am sure that it was much worse than they are leading on and that they just want to keep the details of the incident private because the media would have blown it out of proportion even more than they already did.
    I also do not think that waiting until The Masters was a mistake. I think that he did right by taking time off from golf to heal himself and the wounds in his family and get the necessary treatment before he worried about his job. I think that coming out at The Masters was perfect timing because it is the biggest golf tournament and fans definitely would have been disappointed if he missed the event.
    Tiger Wood’s scandal is far from over I am sure, so don’t give up on blogging about him just yet. It’s interesting and relevant in the media today. Plus, it is entertaining and you are good at it!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago
  3. * sarahgricius says:

    I would agree with all of the mistakes the Tiger has made, besides the fact that he did come back to the golf world and showed people that he is not going to quit his love for the sport of the golf and even placed well in the Master’s tournament. During Tiger’s press conference, I did find his speech to be a little scripted because when questions were asked about certain topics, he seemed unprepared and gave answers that were unclear. For example, when one of the reporters asked why he didn’t set up a press conference before the Masters, Tiger then asked the reporter what month would have been appropriate because he wasn’t ready in December and then January he was in rehab. But the weird part of it is that the Master’s was in April so what was he doing during the other months between that. Which refers back to the mistake number one, deafening silence. If he had come out before and told people his plan action of how he was improving his habits then the press would be prepared for other questions to ask.

    -Sarah Gricius

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 11 months ago

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