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TOW — NewsU

For this week’s TOW (Topic of the Week), we had to enroll in a course at NewsU called Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling. This course went over five sections: choosing a story, making a storyboard, reporting with multimedia, editing for the web, and producing the story. At the end it gives examples and resources for further knowledge. I prefer these course because it gives you the opportunity to learn, while not wasting any time like some classes do. At first I thought that these course would be boring, but there are not because of the interactive side of the course.

What did I learn?

  • I learned that a lot more goes into making a storyboard than I thought. I did not realize that a storyboard rough draft includes a home page, the quest, a bio, rocks, and a racetrack playa. That is a lot of planning, but it is ok, because I am good at planning and organizing.

What surprised you?

  • Like I said earlier, I am an extremely organized person, so it surprised me that I could put it to good use when working with a multimedia story.

What I would like to know more about?

  • I would like to know more about how people come up with ideas for multimedia stories. I might be an organized person, but I am slightly lacking on the creative side. I wish that they had put a section in the course about how to brainstorm and be more creative when making stories.

Overall, I enjoyed this course. The activities that were in certain sections really made me think and spend more time when reviewing everything in this course. I feel like I have learned the most from this course out of any other that we have done. Here is the link to the NewsU’s Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling,


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