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ch. 14 key points

This week I read chapter 14 from Dennis L. Wilcox’s Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th Edition. It was all about writing e-mails, memos, and proposals. I really enjoyed this chapter because I always need more helpful tips on how to write e-mails appropriately. Because right now, I am using mostly e-mail, this was the part that was very interesting to me, but I know that in the future I will most likely be using memos and proposals when I get a “real job” someday! I am just going to lay out a few facts that I read that I think you will think is interesting or helpful!

  • Email (1) reduces the cost of employee communication, (2) increases the distribution of messages to more employers, (3) flattens the corporate hierarchy, and (4) speeds decision making. Sounds like a good idea, right?
  • When using email manners, use language that falls halfway between formal writing and spontaneous conversation. I had always thought that you had to use formal writing, but I guess that is not so.
  • Messages should be brief.
  • I thought this was the best idea ever… count to 10 before hitting the send button! You do not want to regret the emails that you send, especially to co-workers!
  • Email is not a substitution for face-to-face communication. I completely believe this because you cannot make an impression through an email that you can make standing in front of someone.
  • Email is short for electronic mail and it was invented in 1971, but was not really adopted until the late 1980s.

That is all for now! I hope this is helpful!!


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