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Well I know that this is pretty random, but after watching an episode of E! Daily news I started to wonder how all of these celebrities do not just absolutely ruin their reputations that they have by doing the things that they do? So I started to research a little bit about celebrity publicists and PR firms. The first company that I came across was Garis PR who have held clients such as Madonna, Blake Lively, and Kim Basinger. I thought that this company is really cool because they do not talk about their current clients or what is going on with them. This shows that the company is ethical and holds high standards. Garis PR also does not publish or sell any celebrity contact information to anyone. I think that if I was a celebrity, I would feel comfortable with this PR company taking care of me because of the privacy issue. So now I want to know, would you, as a PR practitioner, keep your high ethics and morals if someone was offering you a lot of money or something like that? I would say that I would say absolutely not because that could lead to too much trouble, and then you would have to be doing some corrective PR moves to fix your own image!

I just wanted to blog about this company because I thought everything about it was really cool and it seemed that they really care about their clients and in the end, isn’t that what matters?


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  1. Shelly, great post! To answer your ethical question at the end of your post, I would have to agree with you in that I would not sell my clients out to make an extra buck. I believe that reputation is everything. A tarnished reputation, especially in the public relations field is game over. Forget about finding a job. Plus as a person, unrelated to the ethical values of the PR field, I would feel like a backstabbing, untrustworthy, cheap, greedy individual. Relationships and reputations are worth more to me than money. Glad to know that you feel the same especially in the world we live in now, where I am not sure most would do the ethical thing!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago
  2. I think this shows the ethical considerations PR firms have to have when dealing with high-end celebrities. It probably has a lot to do with if information ever did leak about a celebrity’s phone number, address, etc., the PR firm would be very negatively impacted and lose multiple clients. Being able to trust people with confidential information is an issue for celebrities because people are constantly trying to find out everything about them. PR firms have to have very close relationships with their clients in order for them to mutually benefit. We are learning about this in my Media Ethics class and I am starting to see how ethics really does come into play in the PR field!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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