Simply Shelley

A little about me…

So, a little about me, I am not sure where to start! My name is Shelley Martin and I am a junior public relations major at Georgia Southern. My hometown is Americus, GA. It is such a cute town, I absolutely love it! I have a little sister, Elliott, who is about to turn 18 and is graduating from high school this spring…so this is going to be a busy, but very exciting time for our whole family! My boyfriend’s name is Brandon, we have been dating over a year and he just graduated from Georgia Southern in May 2009. He is now living in Savannah and going to Mercer Medical School. So needless to say, I get to spend lots of time in Savannah, which I LOVE!

I really enjoy exercising! It is such a stress reliever for me and it is a lot of fun too! I like to mix it up between going to workout classes and jogging/walking on different days. A new hobby that I have recently picked up is reading (for fun!). I tend to stick with “chick lit” books, but they make me happy, so it’s okay! 🙂 I have also started going to a bible study with some of my friends once a week, so that is something that I look forward to every week because we have a lot of fun!

So, that is all that I can think of for now…I might update later! 🙂


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