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Well I know that this is pretty random, but after watching an episode of E! Daily news I started to wonder how all of these celebrities do not just absolutely ruin their reputations that they have by doing the things that they do? So I started to research a little bit about celebrity publicists and PR firms. The first company that I came across was Garis PR who have held clients such as Madonna, Blake Lively, and Kim Basinger. I thought that this company is really cool because they do not talk about their current clients or what is going on with them. This shows that the company is ethical and holds high standards. Garis PR also does not publish or sell any celebrity contact information to anyone. I think that if I was a celebrity, I would feel comfortable with this PR company taking care of me because of the privacy issue. So now I want to know, would you, as a PR practitioner, keep your high ethics and morals if someone was offering you a lot of money or something like that? I would say that I would say absolutely not because that could lead to too much trouble, and then you would have to be doing some corrective PR moves to fix your own image!

I just wanted to blog about this company because I thought everything about it was really cool and it seemed that they really care about their clients and in the end, isn’t that what matters?


PR Connection

So today I was trying to think of what I could blog about and I heard about the most recent Kim Kardashian rumors from my roommate, so I decided that I would do a little research and learn more about it. So from what I have read, Kim Kardashian was at a photo shoot in Australia and she tweeted a picture of her holding a black cat from the “scruff” of it’s neck. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was the first to respond to this picture because they did not think that she was holding the cat properly. Kim wrote a blog and posted it on her official website after the allegations that she was purposely harming the cat. I think that it was a good idea for her to respond so quickly to the remarks of PETA and other organizations and individuals. My question is, I wonder if she spoke with a PR person on what to do about her predicament? I think that Kim does a good job representing herself if she did this on her own or I think that her PR person is smart. I honestly do not think that she was doing anything wrong, I do not know why people have to make a big deal about EVERYTHING! This was just simply my first response to hearing about this situation, so I want to know what everyone else thinks about it or if anyone has more insight on the situation. That is all for now!

PR Connection

So I promise that this blog will be my last blog about Tiger Woods. I know that I have done quite a few, but it is just so relevant to what we are learning! I found this article on Alltop’s website under Top PR News. The title of this article was “Tiger Woods’ six big mistakes” and I could not agree more with all of them. The website to this article is I will go through each point that they made and say what I think about it.

  1. Deafening Silence — They were talking about how Tiger was completely silent for 4 months. My opinion, NOT GOOD! That just gives the public time to talk about you and start false rumors.
  2. Refusal to meet the police — The police tried to interview Tiger a couple of times and he would not let them in his house. Does this not have SHADY all over it? That just gives people the wrong image.
  3. Castigating the media — Before this scandal broke out, it was the media who made Tiger into the icon that he is, and then when things went south, he would not say a word to them. Understandable, but just does not make a lot of sense.
  4. Refusing to provide details about what happened that night — I do understand that you would not want the whole world knowing everything, but lack of information leads people to talk negatively everytime.
  5. March 21 interviews with Golf Channel and ESPN — Even though he was open to interviews, good idea, the “word” was that the questions might have been restricted because they were in no way hardball questions, so the fans did not hear what they wanted to.
  6. He should have played in another tournament before the Masters — I actually watched the Masters this year, Tiger placed fourth, which isn’t amazing and isn’t bad either. But I do agree that he would have taken some stress off of himself if he would have made a come back in a smaller, not so televised, tournament.

So now you have my final opinions about the situation!

PR Connection — Tiger Woods, again.

So, as we all know, Tiger Woods held a press conference on April 5, 2010 at 2 p.m. after he had arrived at the Masters golf tournament. This was his first live question & answer type of appearance that was televised live since all of the drama started in November 2009. I watched the entire thing, and you know, I learned that maybe it is the best thing to just admit that you were wrong and try to move on instead of constantly covering issues up. While I was watching this conference in my Communication and Conflict class, everyone’s opinions started changing right before me just because he simply admitted that he was wrong and said that he just wanted to get back to the game of golf. I believe that this statement made him more relateable to us because everyone has messed up, in one way or another, and have just wanted to get back to their “normal life” and Tiger Woods “normal life” is golf.

As I watched, I noticed that he was very open to most every question that was fired his way, except for when a reporter asked about his wife, Elin. He ended that topic very quickly. He was also very open in answering questions about him taking drugs and what kind of drugs he had taken in the past. He stated that he had “never taken any illegal drugs” but had been prescribed pain medicine and Ambien when his father died a few years ago. I thought that this live conference was much more genuine and he did not seem as nervous as he did in his first televised apology. Now, I know that you can never know who is really being genuine, but I have a feeling that he was.

Check out the video of the conference at this site…

Is there such a thing as “bad PR”?

So once again, we see another story of infidelity in celebrity relationships. But in this case, the person of the most interest is not the most famous of the two. As I’m sure everyone has heard that Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s husband, has been rumored being with several mistresses over the last years, yes I said YEARS! I have heard some call it the “Tiger Woods Syndrome” but I think people have got to stop putting the blame on others and take the responsibility. But anyway, getting off of my soapbox now, I promise. My real question is that “even though Jesse James is getting all of this negative attention for being unfaithful to his wife, is there such thing as bad pr?” Jesse James has always been the least famous of the two and maybe he thought that it was his time to gain some of the spotlight. In my opinion, Sandra Bullock has always had a very funny, but classy reputation. But since Jesse’s name is out there so much right now, I wonder if he is really regretting it or not because now, for a change, he is in the spotlight, even after his wife has won an Oscar not too long ago for The Blind Side. As of now, Bullock is not making any comments to the public, which I think is a good idea because as far as we know, she has done nothing wrong so why should she have to say anything? In my opinion, I think that there is such a thing as Bad PR, but I know others have different opinions. I would love to hear other opinions about this topic!

Link to article…

PR Connection #5

So this week, I was at a complete loss of what to blog about for a PR Connection. I started looking on PR Week’s website to see if anything particular stuck out to me. Then I came across the Young PR Professional of the Year 2010, Megan Parker from General Electric. How awesome of a title is that?! When I came across this article I was only thinking “WOW, good for her!”. I think that this is something we can all, as PR majors, dream to achieve one day.

Let me tell you a little bit about Megan Parker. She helped guide GE’s social media engagement with online financial communities and the public during one of the toughest years for communicators. She is a communication specialist and over the social media for General Electric. She began General Electric’s corporate blog and twitter. Here is the link to General Electric’s twitter …

I think that as a PR major it is good for me to keep up with the “big names” in Public Relations and the news that surrounds them, especially when it is positive, motivating news! There were many other awards presented like the PRWeek Campaign of the Year, PR Agency of the Year, the PR Professional of the Year and many more. But I thought that the Young PR Professional of the Year would be the most interesting to us, since we are young and in college!

This is the link to the website about Megan Parker …

PR Connection #4

So, I was trying to think of something that I had heard about going on in the PR world, and I thought about the television show “Kell on Earth” that comes on Bravo and premiered on February 1, 2010. “Kell on Earth” is all about public relations guru Kelly Cutrone and her PR company, People’s Revolution. A fact that I learned while doing some research was that Cutrone has written a book “If You Have To Cry, Go Outside” along with running her extremely successful business. I first heard about People’s Revolution while I was watching The Hills on MTV and Lauren Conrad was working there and Kelly Cutrone was seen as the “mean boss who didn’t put up with any crap”. To be honest, at first I did not like Kelly at all. She seemed inconsiderate towards her employees but now that the spotlight has been on the actual company, you can see that she was only caring about Lauren and the other employees and that she just has a very cut and dry personality.

Of course, the show has to add some drama to keep viewers watching it throughout the season. Every single possible thing that could cause problems, does. But I guess that is what keeps people watching, right? With Kelly’s crazy life of planning fashion shows in the United States and in London and other countries, you would think that she would have no time for any personal life. ACTUALLY, she is a single mom to a girl! I thought that was so neat and it adds a softer side to this all-business woman.

PR Connection #3

So as I was trying to find new issues that are going on in the PR world this week, and it suddenly came to my mind that a new show “SPINdustry” just aired this past Sunday night at 10:30 p.m. on E!. The show follows the company Command PR which is owned by Jonathon Cheban and the show is being produced by Jonathon’s close friend, Kim Kardashian.

I had mixed feeling about the show for many reasons. First, I loved it because Kim Kardashian does a few appearances on the show and I love her! I also thought that this would be a fun show to watch, being a PR major and everything! But, I did not like how much emphasis was put on the “drama” of the show, instead of the actual business. Overall, I liked it, but a lot of my friends who do not know a whole lot about PR said that it made them think that you have to be skinny and gorgeous to be a PR practitioner. So I did not like the fact that it portrays PR professionals in a not so great way. At the same time, it is only a show and there has to be plenty of “drama” for people to watch and get into the show.  So I guess that I can not be too critical of the show, that is just the way it is!

I really would like to know what everyone else thought about this show because I had mixed feelings about it!

PR Connection #2

Since today is the day that Tiger Woods made his “statement” to the public, I thought that this topic would be appropriate. When I was reading this article about how Woods should handle his PR crisis, I could have not agreed more with the author of this article! First and for most, he says that Tiger should have been completely out and open with the public. I do agree that when most people come out and admit their “transgressions” people always seem more likely to forgive and forget. In this situation, Woods did not speak to the public at all and it caused a media frenzy being on the night of Thanksgiving 2009 and is still going on today (Friday, February 19, 2010). I honestly find it all amazing and outrageous. And I would really like to know what Wood’s PR people had in mind when they wanted him to wait so long to address the public.

After watching Wood’s statement today that aired on, like really every news channel out there, I do think that he said the right things and addressed the topics that needed addressing.He seemed extremely apologetic and genuine. I am not saying that I am picking sides in this battle, but I guess that it is better late than never when it comes to Tiger apologizing.

Isn’t it funny how involved we get in celebrity’s lives? I guess that is where the prominence factor comes in to making a story newsworthy. Anyone have any thoughts?

here is the link to the article…,205542

PR Connection #1

For my first PR Connection blog, I wanted to think of something VERY interesting to talk about. So I thought since the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend that this topic would be appropriate. Some of us may know that Tim Tebow and his mom are going to be in a commercial that will air during the Super Bowl. The commercial was made by a Christian group Focus on the Family and the theme of the commercial is “Celebrate Family Celebrate Life”. I am personally very interested to see how people react to this commercial. During the Super Bowl, I tend to only watch the commercials anyway…(I am not a huge football fan). This commercial is a pro-life commercial so it could cause some controversy. I want to keep up with what people think of this and react to it after the commercial has aired. Here is the link to an article talking about the commercial: